Monday, 8 September 2014


So here are some 'modern' British from the assault group.
This shows my method of getting something like DPM camo, well it's really my adaption of this method

I paint using a mix of old and new gw paints, I start with camo green all over. Then mourfang brown, followed by dark angels green. After that, I paint on the black lines. My last stage is a wash of agrax  earthshade,  to darken in all and blend the colours better.
Left to right

These will be serving in UNIT, to defend England from the daleks.
They aren't really that modern though; the SA80 dates them from the mid 80s. But, they don't have the osprey armour, which think came out in for the Iraq war. So they go up till the early 00s.

Anyway I'm doing 20 of these. I did paint one in the all black uniform, as in the last few series of Doctor Who,  but it looked too flat. Besides this way I can use them for other modern conflicts.

The 2009 UNIT uniform

Also here is a painted picture of that HMG from my last post...

 Actually painted about 10 months ago.

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