Saturday, 30 December 2017

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Blood and plunder (1)

I've started painting my blood and plunder pirates from firelock games.

Monday, 8 September 2014


So here are some 'modern' British from the assault group.
This shows my method of getting something like DPM camo, well it's really my adaption of this method

I paint using a mix of old and new gw paints, I start with camo green all over. Then mourfang brown, followed by dark angels green. After that, I paint on the black lines. My last stage is a wash of agrax  earthshade,  to darken in all and blend the colours better.
Left to right

These will be serving in UNIT, to defend England from the daleks.
They aren't really that modern though; the SA80 dates them from the mid 80s. But, they don't have the osprey armour, which think came out in for the Iraq war. So they go up till the early 00s.

Anyway I'm doing 20 of these. I did paint one in the all black uniform, as in the last few series of Doctor Who,  but it looked too flat. Besides this way I can use them for other modern conflicts.

The 2009 UNIT uniform

Also here is a painted picture of that HMG from my last post...

 Actually painted about 10 months ago.

Monday, 30 September 2013

British HMG

SO I had a Renegade early war HMG, but I wanted a late war one. Realizing that the only real difference was tin hats, I decided i could do a head swap.
Of course, the HMG gunners heads are a awkward angles as one is leaning to the gun sight and the other in laying on his side. SO I decided to just do a hat swap to avoid, the neck re-positioning work. Anyway, to cut a long story short; I cut two Brodie helemts of a couple of spare figures, and the caps of the HMG crew.

Here you can see the gunners, with their original caps and their new helmets.,

Here is the finished model: helmets stuck on, glued to a base (one of the green plastic ones which come with perry plastics), and sand added for texture.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

First World War British

So here are the WW1 British  I mentioned in the last post way back in September.  It's almost a platoon, I just need to order two packs of bombers from great war miniatures, to complete it with a bomber and rifle bomber sections.

The Germans are glued to their pennies and await spray painting. But I'm currently working on the new hobbit set from GW.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

War of the Roses (3) Knights

I haven't posted in a while but there hasn't been a let up in painting. Here are 10 knights I've painted for the Wars of the Roses. I've done 5 in blue and 5 in red. They are Perry Plastics, I really like them, but I find painting cavalry is hard work. It's the horses which are the killer for me. I've got another 14 on the sprues, but I'll have to do some slightly less grinding painting first.


I've also painted a couple of  WotR generals to lead my armies, They aren't meant to be any specific commanders, just generic nobles.


My next project is world war one in 28mm scale. This is somthing I've wanted to do since my very first non-GW models, which where some of the 1914 Renegade miniatues. Thats was over 5 years ago, and I never got more than 2 squads and a HMG each of Germans and British.
I'm now turning to late war, so I can use all the fun things like grenades, lewis guns, light morters, flamethrowers, stormtroopers and even maybe a tank. So there will be a lot more of these on the blog at some point, I'm still waiting on an order from Renegade miniatures. In the mean time I'm paiting up a few packs of Great War Minatures British I got of ebay. 
Thats how for now.


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Some 1812 pics

So here are a few photos of a game I had using Sharpe Practice. The scenario was based on the Perfect captains John Bull scenario generator. I rolled beach Landing. There was no beach landing in my game. But basically, the US startedwith half thier force entering the table edge. The British started with 1/3 of thier force on the centre line of the table. The rest of the american force would arive when the initial troops had taken the center line (the beach in the scenario). The rest of the British arrive arrived shortly after this, in two 'waves' of a 1/3 of the army each.

 These are pictures right at the end of the game,  the 2nd wave of British reinforcements has just arrived. Unfortuantly for the Americans it was a unit of the 95th rifles and the Grenadiers of the 89th foot. 

This next picture show the US high tide. Sadly it was only two milita units, so at this point the americans fell back to the beach.

Here are the US Rifles I was painting last month, who put up a good showing in thier first battle. Next on the painting table are 6 more indians, to make the unit up to 12 warriors.

Till next time, whenever that is....